Volunteers Pick Up 488,135 Pounds Of Litter In Fall 2019

Newsradio 1020 KDKA – The fall of 2019 saw 488,135 pounds of trash removed by volunteers of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

12,610 volunteers took part in 382 events across the state of Pennsylvania as part of the Pick Up Pennsylvania initiative.

The most recent Pennsylvania Litter Research Study identified over 500 million pieces of litter along Pennsylvania roadways.

The most common items were projected to be cigarette butts (37%) and plastics (30%).

The top five items picked up in the clean ups matched those of the study.

Cigarette butts- 14,348

Plastic bottles- 4,637

Food wrappers- 4,016

Tires- 3,499

Cans- 3,418

Pick Up Pennsylvania is in part to support the International Coastal Cleanup, which is the world’s largest volunteer efforts to improve the health of oceans and waterways.

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