Recycling, Litter & Waste Organizations Disapprove Of Electronics Recycling Legislation

PA Environment Digest – In an unprecedented alliance of solidarity, 5 Pennsylvania recycling, litter, and waste management organizations representing key stakeholder factions affected by the state’s electronics waste recycling law– the Covered Device Recycling Act— have united in expressing serious concerns about House Bill 1900 (Ross-R-Chester) and have proposed an alternative.

The Electronics Recycling Association of Pennsylvania; Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful; the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center; the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania; and the Keystone Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America are in consensus on the steps necessary to revamp and greatly improve access to electronic waste recycling opportunities for Pennsylvania citizens.

“CDRA inadvertently created an environment in which a once growing, Pennsylvania electronics waste recycling industry nearly collapsed,” stated Ned Eldridge, ERAP President.  “This forced counties and recyclers across Pennsylvania to reduce or abandon their once productive programs.”

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