Reading officials address study about cost of littering

69 News WRMZ TV – READING, Pa. – Trash scattered across the streets of Reading isn’t going unnoticed.

“It’s really bad,” said Emely Ayala of Reading. “[I] wish I had more bags to pick up trash.”

Now, city officials are looking for solutions, adding that the trash makes neighborhoods look bad, threatens people’s pride, and can lead to health concerns.

“This is all hands on deck and already happening,” said Pedro Cortes, the city’s managing director.

Study: Reading spends $1M+ annually on litter cleanup

“Pennsylvania has a littering problem that cleanup efforts alone can’t solve.”

According to a study conducted by the group “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful,” Reading spends more than $1 million each year addressing litter and illegal dumping.


“We believe clean cities come from education and prevention, not just from the enforcement,” Cortes said.

Officials plan on partnering with area businesses and organizations, including churches and colleges to develop a long-term solution.

Councilwoman Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz said the problem has plagued the city for years, and she’s happy it’s finally being addressed.

“Now, I see some real hope for us to come together and work with the community to really resolve the problem,” Goodman-Hinnershitz said.

That, many agreed, is the key – getting the community involved.

“We live here,” Ayala said. “We should want it to be clean.”

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