Letter to the editor: Disgusted by litter on our roads

Trib LiveThe article “Study: Pa. roads average 1,030 litter items per mile” (Feb. 5, TribLIVE) is right on. On my walks, the litter is constant. I walk on a wooded township road, but the same is true on the roads as we drive out of our area.

Over the years, I’ve noticed it’s always the same products/trash, so I believe the same people are responsible. Disgusting stuff is also present. I’ve witnessed a truck just pitching stuff as he passed me. People don’t care.

We need to bring back that 1970s anti-litter advertisement showing a Native American man crying at the amount of litter on the roads.

As for me — twice a month my neighbor and I pick up what we can.

Clean up your trash, people!

Hannelore Miller

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