Keep PA Beautiful: Volunteers Across Pennsylvania Collected Over 1 Million Waste Tires For Recycling, Proper Disposal

PA Environment Digest Blog – On February 17, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful announced volunteers with its affiliates and local partners have collected over one million scrap tires for recycling and proper disposal.
The tires were collected from Pennsylvania’s roads, waterways, parks, trails and remote areas during locally coordinated cleanups or collected at one-day recycling events and permanent drop-off locations.
“Reaching this significant milestone took three decades and countless volunteer hours. Our volunteers collected tires during special collection events, stream cleanups, illegal dump cleanups and Pick Up Pennsylvania events. A lot of hard, dirty work went in to moving that many tires. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful,” said Shannon Reiter, President of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.
Tires collected were either recycled and processed into rubber mulch, play turf, rubber asphalt roads and other items or shredded and landfilled.

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