Keep PA Beautiful Announces Winners Of Great American Cleanup Of PA Video Contest

PA Environment Digest – The winner of the Keep PA Beautiful 2016 Great American Cleanup Of PA Video Contest is the Lake Frederick Homeowners Association from Millerstown, Perry County.

The contest was sponsored by the PA Waste Industry Association and the Department of Environmental Protection.  The winner received a $200 cash prize.

The winning video showed the Lake Frederick ‘River Rats,’ who are members of the Lake Frederick Homeowners Association, coming together as a community to remove floating debris as well as other trash that makes its way to the islands via the Susquehanna River.

“The Cleanup of Lake Frederick is very important to those who love the islands on the Susquehanna River.  Shoreline cleanup is a continuous effort and one we are taking seriously,” said Michele Comp from the Lake Frederick Homeowners Association.  “This was our first organized cleanup and islanders are already begging to do it again. We are planning to use the $200 for large appliance removal.”

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