Impacts of Litter in Our Waterways

Globe Times – Have you ever wondered how litter impacts the quality of our local waterways and neighborhoods?  Do you know where rainwater goes after entering storm drains in our streets, or what happens to the trash and debris it carries? More importantly, do you know the ways that you can help minimize litter while protecting our waterways and sources of drinking water?

Litter comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and, if left unattended, accumulates on the land. It travels by wind and by rainwater runoff, and can end up in surprising places. Unfortunately, improperly disposed consumer waste – chiefly bottles, bags, and cigarette butts – is a common sight along our sidewalks, streets, and parking lots. If you’ve been out for a walk recently, you may also have noticed an increase in a particular type of litter: disposable face masks and gloves. Used PPE is being discarded on sidewalks, streets, and parking lots, adding to Philadelphia’s existing litter problem.

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