DEP to provide surveillance kits for illegal dumping ‘nightmare’ areas

The Tribune Democrat – The Cambria County survey showed that Reade Township had 17 illegal dumpsites, more than any other municipality. Susquehanna Township, though, had the highest volume of estimated trash at 13.625 tons in 13 total sites.

The authority’s website,, offers links to both report illegal dumping and information on how to dispose of bulky items.

About 87 percent of those sites were in rural areas.

“You could ask ‘Why is the Community Foundation involved in this?’ ” Kane said.

“It is our mission to convene the community around issues that directly affect our communities. The opportunity provided by Keep PA Beautiful to address this problem locally is something we’re very interested in advancing. In the past, we have funded illegal dump inventories and even cleanups.

“We’re hoping to continue with this initiative.”

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