DEP Citizens Advisory Council To Discuss Keep PA Beautiful Litter Study, Food Waste Recycling June 16

PA Environment Digest Blog -DEP’s Citizens Advisory Council is scheduled to meet on June 16 to hear presentations on Keep PA Beautiful’s Litter Study and on food waste recycling.  Keep PA Beautiful President Shannon Reiter will provide an overview of the KPB, DEP and PennDOT initiative to reduce littering and the results of a study of litter released in November of last year that found over 500 million pieces of litter along Pennsylvania’s roadsides.

The most common items are cigarette butts and plastics, such as plastic food packaging, bottles, and bags. Motorists and pedestrians are leading litterers, followed by improperly secured truck loads.
Follow-up work by KPB and the agencies found PennDOT spends nearly $14 million on litter cleanup a year and a survey of just nine cities in Pennsylvania found they spend more than $68 million a year on litter and illegal dumping cleanup, education, enforcement and prevention.