Delmont readies for borough-wide spring cleaning

Trib Live 2310140_web1_Pal-Plumcleanup8-050919Delmont Borough has its spring cleaning all planned out.

The weekend of April 25-26 will see the annual borough-wide clean-up take place, with Dumpsters on hand for residents to make drop-offs, but the Delmont Visionary Committee also will patrol borough streets with volunteers picking up trash.

“We’ve got trash bags and other supplies from PennDOT and we’re hoping to get people signed up ahead of time,” said committee member Vicki Walters.

The street clean-up will happen in conjunction with the Great American Clean-Up, a project spearheaded by national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful.

Borough Councilman Dennis Urban said he worked with Republic Services to coordinate both clean-up efforts on the same weekend.

“Republic didn’t want to have to come back an additional day to pick up trash bags,” Urban said. “And they were also concerned about their people picking up trash bags along Route 66.”

Typically, Great American Clean-Up participants place trash in special bags and leave it for pick-up right on the roadside. But with a high volume of traffic moving regularly along the four lanes of Route 66 running through Delmont, Urban and Republic officials thought it would be best to have those bags placed elsewhere.

“We’re asking the visionary committee folks to bring their bags up the borough clean-up site, and Republic can pick everything up at once,” Urban said.

For more, or to volunteer for the Delmont Visionary Committee’s April 25 clean-up, see, the committee’s Facebook page or email

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