City of Reading Determined to Catch, Prosecute Those Engaged in Illegal Dumping – Reading, PA – On August 15, 2020, at approximately 10:13 am, a sergeant assigned to the Reading Police Department Patrol Division was conducting a patrol in the area of the Buttonwood Street Bridge, responding to reports of illegal trash dumping. The sergeant located a Ford F-150 underneath the bridge, back into the entrance of the Thun Trail. Upon further investigation, the sergeant was able to determine that two males were attempting to dump several large bags of trash illegally at the location. The garbage was then loaded back into the vehicle, and the owner was issued a citation pursuant to the City of Reading ordinance prohibiting the depositing of litter in a public place. The case is proceeding under due process. In addition to this case, RPD has intervened with at least four other incidents in the past two months; all suspects were issued a citation.

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