Pick Up Pennsylvania


Everyone wants to live, work, and play in a clean and green community . . . and it’s up to everyone to make it possible and improve the overall quality of life for us all.

Join Pennsylvanians across the state – and Americans across the nation – for the Great American Cleanup.  You can participate in Pick Up Pennsylvania by cleaning up litter and trash along our roadsides, streams, beaches, parks, forests and neighborhoods. Additional events include holding recycling events for hard-to-dispose of items like tires and appliances, creating or enhancing green areas by planting plants, bulbs, and trees, removing or painting over graffiti that devalues your neighborhood, and other activities that help beautify your community.

Safety reminders:

  • Be aware of private property, and get permission from landowners before going on their land.
  • Roadside litter can be dangerous. Do not open coolers, jugs, bottles and other sealed containers.
  • Make sure you wear gloves, appropriate clothing, and safety gear.
  • Report any suspicious or dangerous items to police immediately.
  • Make sure children are not left unattended near highways or water.
  • For volunteer safety, please inform your volunteers prior to your cleanup what remanents of a meth lab or a “One Pot” meth lab might contain.  Download the “METH LABS: A RECIPE FOR DISASTER” PDF file here.

We would love to hear from you with what you are finding and any photos you take – we would love to share how our network and partners continue to remove litter from our landscape. Email photos or your interesting stories to mdunn@keeppabeautiful.org
We may share them on our Facebook page or our Flickr page.

For the latest updates regarding Pennsylvania and the COVID-19 please visit:

Due to Covid 19, all 2020 Spring events were cancelled.  We are looking forward to 2021 Spring events!

Here are the stats from 2019 Pick Up Pennsylvania:

  • 5,356 Events
  • 92,342 Invaluable Volunteers
  • 1,213,148 Pounds of Materials Recycled
  • 6,036,620 Pounds of Trash Disposed
  • 7,345 Miles of Roads, Shorelines and Trails Cleaned
  • 8,580 Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers Planted
  • 19,082 Tires Properly Disposed

See the 2019 Pick Up Pennsylvania Final Report
Also, see how your county performed in 2019! Click here for a breakdown of stats by county.

Each year during Pick Up Pennsylvania registered events can get free cleanup supplies such as bags, gloves and vests donated by PennDOT, the Department of Environmental Protection, and Keep America Beautiful.

Community and civic associations, schools and youth groups, families and friends, business employees, hunting and fishing clubs, conservation organizations, sports teams, and others can organize their members and participate in Pick Up Pennsylvania.

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