Organize an Event

Conduct a Litter Cleanup
Do you need some help planning your littler cleanup along a road, in a park, or along a trail or waterway?  Click here to view steps on how to organize a safe and  successful litter cleanup.

When organizing your cleanup, please remember to plan for proper disposal of any electronics that are found. The Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108 of 2010) bans many covered devices from landfills. For information on local recycling options for these items, please visit the DEP website, contact your local recycling coordinator or call the Electronics Recycling Hotline at  1-800-346-4242

Guidelines for Illegal Dump Cleanups

Is your group going to cleanup an illegal dumpsite?  Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful has a publication that will be useful for your group.  Guidelines for Illegal Dump Cleanups; 10 Steps to Organizing an Illegal Dump Cleanup provides step by step direction, from surveying the site to long-term maintenance.  Click here to download a copy.

Tools for Change

Are you concerned about the litter in your community and interested in doing something about it?  Tools for Change; Everything You Need to Clean Up Your Community is a Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful publication  that provides everything you need to know not only on how to get your community clean but provides information on how to keep it clean.  Click here to download a copy.

Take the Next Step

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s multi-pronged approach to empowering Pennsylvanians to make our communities clean and beautiful is Prevent It, Clean It, and Keep It! Additional resources are available all year long to Pick It Up PA – Everyday!

Prevent It – Prevention of litter and illegal dumping is key to clean and beautiful communities. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful have a variety of tools and resources to help educate our community members about the importance of preventing litter and illegal dumping. Learn More

Clean It – Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful works with people who want to clean and beautify their communities by offering cleanup resources such as educational literature, cleanup safety videos, illegal dump surveys, and technical assistance. Learn More

Keep It – Proper waste handling and sustainable practices keeps communities clean and improves quality of life.  Through Keep Pennsylvania and Keep America Beautiful programs, your community can learn how to hold special collections, abate graffiti, and participate in America Recycles Day. Learn More